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The Canadian Connection

Earlier this week FCFC welcomed to its family (if only for a few short days), 3 young players who were traveling from their home in Canada to Davenport. All 3 are division 1 players in competitive clubs in Canada, and their parents reached out to the club to arrange a special training session with our teams.

FCFC was delighted to help out and last week they immersed themselves in practice.

" Just wanted to thank you and the FCFC family for your hospitality and welcoming of Luis Miguel, Jose Carlos, and Juan Pablo.

From the moment we arrived at the fields on Monday we were made to feel welcome as members of the club. We were helped and shown who it is that we need to talk to and where each of the children would be training.

Your parents and coaches were fantastic to us which really helped us all settle in and enjoy ourselves.

Many, many thanks once again from my family to yours at FCFC"

Go FCFC team! :)

(picture is NOT of actual players/coach - used for illustration purposes)

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