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February 2020 Coach Of The Month

Coach of the Month

Jon Bartomioli, born in Chicago, IL. received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Francis Marion University (SC) in 2008.

Current teams: Four Corners FC Boys 2004 White

Four Corners FC Boys 2010 Red

Jon joins the coaching staff at Four Corners FC (FCFC) as a veteran coach in the Central Florida area and brings a great sense of professionalism and works closely with the club to assist in any way he can. He is always at the fields early setting up his sessions and open to learn.

His comments on his younger team “The 2010 Red team brings a set of challenges for a young team that has the potential to do great things. There is a great sense of pride and fulfillment a coach gets in watching young talented players develop over the years”.

And his continued success with his older group can be seen as he mentions the following: “My Boys 2004 White has continued to impress as a unit since taking over last May. In the short time I’ve had them they have continuously improved on the pitch becoming Champions Cup Champions, Bazooka Memorial Day Runner Up, Bazooka Soccer Cup Runner Up, 2nd place GCF Fall season (undefeated), and currently in the quarterfinals for the Commissioner’s Cup, all while only losing three matches in that run. This is a special group that will do our best to achieve so much more, both on the field and off. It’s a privilege to help these boys progress to the next chapter in their lives, whether it be on the field, in school, or the real world”.

Coach Jon also assists in the club’s special training program which provides a bridge for players to pass through the developmental to the competitive program by offering professional coaching to these players once a week. His continued service and love of the game transmits the quality of coaching we at FCFC look for.

Congratulations Jon!

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