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Developmental -  FALL 2023


Online Registration Now Open

Start Date: Sept 11,2023

Meet the Coach: Aug 26

Training Starts: Sept 11

Last Games:  Nov 3 

Player Development Technical sessions are also back during the 8 week program

Tuesday - U6 players begin

 6:00-- 7:00pm

Tuesday - U10 players


Thursday - U8 players 

7:15 - 8:15pm

Thursday - U13 and up players   

7:30 - 8:30pm


More Information


LITTLE FALCONS - Players born 2021-2020 (U4)
1 x 45 min session per week

$85 (uniform not required, no games for this age group)


JUNIOR FALCONS - Players born in 2019 & 2018  (U6)

1 x 45 min team session per week

1 x 30 min group session, followed by a 45 min game (on Fridays)


FALCONS - Players born 2017 - 2012 - (U8, U10, U12)

1 x 60 min team session per week

Born (U8)

1 x 75 - 90 min team session per week 

1 x game

(U10 -  (Born 2015 -2014 ) 

(U12 -  (Born 2013-2012)

Other Programs

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What programs does FCFC offer?

  • We have a competitive program for players born in 2015 - 2005 which is with professional coaches

  • We have a developmental programs for players born 2020 – 2011 with volunteers

  • Men’s and Women’s team from players born 2004 +

  • We offer camps, clinics and technical trainings throughout the year,

  •  Goalkeeping and Striker School for our competitive teams.


How are the player’s grouped?

They are grouped by the year they are born. U4 is 2020-2019 U6 is 2017-2018, U8 is 2015-2016, U10 is 2013-2014, U13 is 2011-2012


How many times a week do they train?

The players will train one day a week with their coach, once a week with their age group (Tuesday or Thursday) and games will be on Fridays (The U4’s do not have games).


What can we do once the season is over?

Once the season is over you can sign up for technical sessions, you can try out for a competitive team in May, you can attend one of our summer camps, or you can get private or group lessons with one of our staff.


What equipment do I need?

The players need to bring soccer shoes and shin guards. The soccer shoes can be regular field or turf soccer cleats. Please make sure they are NOT Baseball or American Football shoes as they are similar and are often mistaken for soccer cleats. They also need to bring a soccer ball (Size 5 for 13 year old  and up, Size 4 for 8-12 year old, Size 3 for under 8 year old).


What days do they train with their coach?

Each coach will pick a day of the week that they are available.


How much are the uniforms and what does it include?

The uniforms are $89 and it includes 3 shirts (grey, red, and white), black shorts and black socks.


Sizes are youth Small to youth Large and adult Small to adult Large. The uniforms come in sets and sizes can’t be mixed. For additional black shorts and socks you can buy them at any sports store in the area.


Is there any traveling involved?

Our developmental teams are only at the Northeast Regional Park. Our competitive teams will require to travel away for half their games and tournaments.



How else can I help the club?

We pride ourselves in being a family and there is a lot of things you can volunteer for. We are always looking for help so please let us know if you are interested.


We are  a non-profit organization so we are always looking for donations and sponsorships to help us keep our prices low and offer a great service. If you can help with this we would greatly appreciate it!

Can competitive players play in developmental?

Competitive players cannot play in developmental as it would give an unfair advantage to the team. Developmental players can be invited to train with competitive teams but not play games unless they are released from the developmental team or the season finishes.

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